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Footprints Tours represents a novel new approach to London walking tours. Gone is the fear of falling asleep while you listen to an endless lecture. Our guides won’t throw massive lists of dates at you, or force you to memorise irrelevant details. We embrace dates and facts and the history of London, but we also use them to bring across the dramatic, the quirky and the bizarre.

Footprints Tours was created to show you the best of London and its history, without boring you to death with stuffy, dry academic tours.

”We want to tell you about the Civil War, but also how Cromwell’s mutilated head was dug up and stuck on a pole outside Parliament – after previously being honoured with a lavish state burial!”

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Local Guides

We recruit exclusively guides who have a passion for London and its history. Each one undergoes extensive training to bring this across to their international audience.

World Class Service

We show thousands of visitors around England every month and have built a reputation for reliable, professional experiences which surpass expectations.

Best Price Guarantee

Simply put: the best value in London.

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